Adaxa Magento Connector

The Adaxa Magento-Adempiere Connector allows you to connect an existing Magento store to an empty Adempiere instance by entering some name and configuration data. After the connection is established a Talend process will automatically copy customers, addresses, products, product groups,order history and related data from the Magento store into Adempiere. After the process completes any new orders created in the Magento store will automatically be created as a Sales Order in Adempiere.




Adempiere will process the customer shipment and message Magento to invoice the customer, capture the payment and update stock-on-hand levels. The invoice and payment document created in Magento are sent to Adempiere to close the loop and to manage all required accounting and reporting processes. Adempiere's standard inventory and warehouse management processes look after inventory replenishment, stock taking and related task.

The integration is intended to meet the needs of existing Magento users who wish to continue to do most of their system maintenance within Magento and allow chose changes to replicate to Adempiere. Adempiere treats Magento as the 'source of truth' and accepts such things as tax calculations, prices, invoices and payments as correct. Larger sites or sites where the webstore and the Adempiere instance are created at the same time may choose to do product and price maintenance within the ERP and replicate to Magento.
Please create your own account in the Magento webstore. You will need a valid email address address so that Magento authentication will work. Visa card = 4111 1111 1111 1111 CVN = 000 and any future validity date will enable you to make test purchases. Note that replication of order from Magento to Adempiere is configured to be 2 minutes.


Initially you can log into ADempiere with the following users:

User Password
MI_Admin MI_Admin
MI_User MI_User


Please be aware that all data entered and all modifications are DELETED regularly. If you wish to try ADempiere for a longer period of time please download and install locally.